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Southern Baseball Fans

Posted on: February 18, 2009 10:55 am

Southern fans love college football and little else. I went to college at the University of Alabama.  Every Saturday that the Tide were playing football at Bryant-Denny was a party. Tailgating began on Thursday, sometimes Wednesday depending on who the opponent was that week. And every game was a sellout of over 92,000 people. The crowds were crazy for college football.  YOu could find radio station dicussing the game 24/7 the entire week of the game.  But if you wanted to listen to a Braves game ont he radio, good luck finding a station outside of the greater Atlanta area.  Souther fans simply love college football.

Here is further proof, I decided to go to game five of the '03 NLDS in Atlanta and I was able to buy tickets the night before the game!!! The deciding game of the NLDS had tickets available the night before!!! Granted they were upper deck seats, but I did buy four seats together the night before the game! I was in a section with other Cubs fans and we made up the entire section! Also, I went to a fair share of Braves regular season games while I was in the South, none were sold out, never a sell out and I went to see the Cubs play over a dozen times!!

I’m sure the Ted sold out during the World Series run of the ‘90s, every MLB town can come up with a capacity crowd, hell even Tampa was able to sell out.  But if there are hardcore baseball fans in the South, they must be small in number as I did not see any.

So why this rant against Southern baseball fans?  Simple, it is in response to all their crying about Griffey coming to Atlanta and how there are loads of baseball fans in the South.  If there are, I did not see many of them in my time in the South. 


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