Posted on: February 18, 2009 10:55 am

Southern Baseball Fans

Southern fans love college football and little else. I went to college at the University of Alabama.  Every Saturday that the Tide were playing football at Bryant-Denny was a party. Tailgating began on Thursday, sometimes Wednesday depending on who the opponent was that week. And every game was a sellout of over 92,000 people. The crowds were crazy for college football.  YOu could find radio station dicussing the game 24/7 the entire week of the game.  But if you wanted to listen to a Braves game ont he radio, good luck finding a station outside of the greater Atlanta area.  Souther fans simply love college football.

Here is further proof, I decided to go to game five of the '03 NLDS in Atlanta and I was able to buy tickets the night before the game!!! The deciding game of the NLDS had tickets available the night before!!! Granted they were upper deck seats, but I did buy four seats together the night before the game! I was in a section with other Cubs fans and we made up the entire section! Also, I went to a fair share of Braves regular season games while I was in the South, none were sold out, never a sell out and I went to see the Cubs play over a dozen times!!

I’m sure the Ted sold out during the World Series run of the ‘90s, every MLB town can come up with a capacity crowd, hell even Tampa was able to sell out.  But if there are hardcore baseball fans in the South, they must be small in number as I did not see any.

So why this rant against Southern baseball fans?  Simple, it is in response to all their crying about Griffey coming to Atlanta and how there are loads of baseball fans in the South.  If there are, I did not see many of them in my time in the South. 


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Posted on: February 17, 2009 9:12 am

My Daytona 500 Recap


My quick summery of the race, not that anyone really cares:

1-Vickers is a moron

2-NASCAR has too many Johnny come lately fans

3-NASCAR is best watched on mute if you have to watch FOX’s coverage

4-A shortened race is not a race

#1-Vickers needs to shut his pie hole.  Yea, Little e bumped him, but then again Vickers was jumped in front of him.  Is NASCAR becoming Formula One or Indy Race League??  Oh my, his car touched my car, I will need to find the nearest camera and complain incessantly about how rubbing is not racing and how I was in the right and everyone else was in the wrong. I would love to see some of these jokers race back in the 70’s and 80’s.  They would not last half a race and then would get a beat down in the pits for being punks.

#2-I wish we could see some of the classic races of the past.  It could show when this sport was fun.  Even some of the races in the 90’s would be a welcome change to the races of today.  It would show these fans what the sport was built upon and that bumping and rubbing have always been a part of the sport.  Too many commenters on CBS are complaining about on race actions that are simply part of the sport.

#3-I need to purchase NASCAR’s PPV thing, FOX is simply unwatchable.  The announcers seem to have had their brains wiped as I know they know better.  At one point, I thought I heard Chris Myers say that they could run in the rain!?!?!  WHAT?  Chris this is not F1, they only have slick tires, none with treads like F1 you moron. 

#4-So who decides when to call a race?  And how do they decide which driver they are going to let win the race?  No, I’m not talking conspiracy theory, but the people that decide are watching the race.  They know who is in the lead.  This reminds me of the World Series last years, the rain is coming down, but Bud does not want to call the game as the Phillies would win as it was an official game; so he allows them to play until the score is tied and BAM game called for rain!  So when it starts to rain, do NASCAR officials say “We will allow them three laps and then call it.”  Or do they hold out for as long as they can until a marketable driver, one that did not win at all last year is in the lead?  Do you think they would have called it when they did if Allmendinger was leading?


Posted on: January 9, 2009 5:46 pm

Why only one Capital on the All Star Roster?

I understand Ovie on...but why no Green, Semin, or Backstrom? The Caps are #1 in the SE division, but only one player on the all star team? There should be at least two, but oh well, I voted as much as I could so I guess Pit and Mon fans are just better at stuffing the voting.

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Posted on: January 4, 2009 2:20 pm

Any Know the Odds

All week I heard that the visitors were the favorites in the first round of the NFL playoffs. Anyone know what the betting odds were on Saturday's games? I'm curious how much money people won/lost on the games.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 10:10 pm

Ovie Left Off All Star Starting Line Up

People, please settle down!!! So what, he is not on the starting line up. The starting line up will be on the ice for 20 seconds and then...BAM line change!! The fans picked the starting line ups for this meaningless game. To everyone, let it go, it is just an all star game!!!

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